London: 1999
A 50th Anniversary Celebration

September 11 – 17, 2024

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s Space: 1999

We are honored to be hosting this historic event, which will include an incredible array of your favorite celebrities, writers, producers, directors, visual effects wizards, and key behind-the-scenes personnel.

We’ll have a wide variety of programming to enjoy, with recollections of working on the series from your favorite celebrities, plus autographs and photo-ops that’ll create lasting memories!

There will also be an amazing exhibit or original props, models, set-pieces and costumes in our exclusive screen-used props & museum area, world-premiere presentations, a dealers/vendor room, VIP access, charity auctions and a few other very special surprises you won’t want to miss!

We’ll also be visiting famous filming locations used throughout the series like Pinewood Studios, Black Park, SFX facility Bray Studios and others during our excursions and day-trips.

London: 1999 – A 50th Anniversary Celebration will proudly welcome fans and aficionados from around the world from September 11th to 17th, 2024 – hard to believe, but that’ll be exactly 50 years after filming the episode Death’s Other Dominion. Maybe we’ll even invite Brian Blessed!!

In following a long tradition of charitable work in the name of Space: 1999, we are proud to be raising money for the Alzheimer’s Research Centre, in memory of Gerry Anderson – as well as GOSH, the Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity, in memory of Sylvia Anderson!

Celebrity Guests

With the incredible success of our Destination: Moonbase Alpha virtual events in 2021 & 2022, we were able to lay the groundwork for an incredible array of your favorite stars and personalities to join us in London. CATHERINE SCHELL, NICK TATE, ANTON PHILLIPS, PRENTIS HANCOCK and many others are already on board! We hope to have one of the largest line-ups in Space: 1999 convention history, and there’s been a lot of early interest in attending. In addition to the above, the guests already confirmed to appear: John Hug, Jess Conrad, Yasuko Nagazumi, Brian Johnson, Suzanne Peterson, Quentin Pierre, Carla Romanelli, Gianni Garko, and Orso Maria Guerrini.

  • We are thrilled….we are honored to welcome JESS CONRAD OBE to London this September!

    We are thrilled….we are honored to welcome JESS CONRAD OBE to London this September!

    Fun fact: did you know Jess originally auditioned for the role of Tony Verdeschi, and was very close to getting it? Gerry Anderson really wanted him, and offered the role of Mark Sanders to him when it fell through. Jess has recently completed his autobiography entitled “From Blitz To Glitz” and there’s actually an entire…

  • Suzanne Peterson will be in London for our celebrations!

    Suzanne Peterson will be in London for our celebrations!

    We’re over-the-moon to have received confirmation of Ms. Suzanne Heimer-Peterson’s appearance! A highlight to the last several conventions, she’s has been also helping coordinate behind to scenes to ensure this weekend will be memorable for many years to come. She may even be bringing a few friends along….welcome, Suzanne!!

  • Please welcome CATHERINE SCHELL to London!!

    Please welcome CATHERINE SCHELL to London!!

    PLEASE WELCOME CATHERINE SCHELL TO LONDON!! We’re so honored to host MAYA herself this September! Ms. Schell is very much looking forward to reconnecting with fans from around the world. She’ll be traveling from France, along with a good friend of hers from Sweden. Welcome to them both.

Space News


  • This 4+ Star facility will be our home as we plan our weekend’s events. This location will have easy access upon landing and is a short 20-30 minute shuttle ride away.
  • Take a virtual tour:

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Available dates: September 9th – September 19th, 2024

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  • 3-day weekend pass – £235.00
  • Friday, Saturday & Sunday day-passes – £85.00
  • Weekend family pass (2-adults + children under 18) – £570.00
  • Banquet ticket – £70.00
  • Day trips – £50.00 each x 4
  • Day-trip package (all four) – £175.00
  • Supporting membership: £75.00 (May be converted to a day-pass or applied to weekend pass access)

Important Paypal info: please specify in comments section the quantities or ticket configuration you’re purchasing, plus please include names, address and email of all parties attending. All sales final!


Our Alphan Crew

Since our inception in 2019, there’s been multiple individuals who’ve contributed their time and efforts to make things a reality for all of us. If we’ve overlooked anyone, please reach out to us and we’ll gladly add you to the list!

Many thanks are due to the following fine folks – we couldn’t have gotten this far without you: Suzie Landau, David Hirsch, Catherine Bujold, Robbie Perchaluk, Robert Wood, Darrell Simmonds, Martin Willey, Jim Winch, Samira Ahmed, Jeffrey Morris, Darren Peters, Heather Laird, Pam Daly, Dee Anderson, Tammy Klein, Glenn Campbell, Paxton Young, Mike Daly, Andrew Frampton, Jamie Anderson, David Sisson, Andy Starks, Alex Stankevitch, Paul Stankevitch, Cameron Just, Hilton Fitzsimmons, Chris Potter, Rosie Badgett, Tim Urton, Josh Johnson, Katy Nichols, Catherine Reilly-Cuglietta, Katy Nichols, Nick Williams, Chris Paulsen, Roy Bjellquist, Tim Mallet, Mateo Latosa, Giuseppe Turdo, Robert Farrugia, Sue Cole, Ken Scott, Gieseppe Turdo, Giulz Frattini, Silvana Corti, Claudia Combs, Darryn Holbrow, Simon Rhodes, Chloe Carstensen, Zachary Townsend, Steve Walker, Martin Bend, Bob Mack, Todd Morton, Anthony Wynn, Charlene Scott, Mark Bergen, Guy Laird, Chris Trice, Geoffrey Mandel, Kelly Craig, Bill Altenburg, Jason Joiner, Mike & Debbie Reader, Mark Shaw, Chris Thompson, Gordon Moriguchi, Chris Bentley, Eston Dunn, Wally & Pat Friedrich, THE CALGARY CREW, Warren Friedrich and Arra.

We are thrilled to be hosting everyone next year!!

We are extremely excited to premiere BREAKAWAY: 1974 on September 13th!

See you next year for Breakaway Day, 2024!!

This will be memorable beyond your imagination!

Commlocks & Communications

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WE ARE LOOKING FOR AUCTION ITEMS – there will be several different styles of charity auction throughout the weekend, and we’re looking for anything from YOUR Catacombs to contribute! Rosie Badgett will be compiling a list items over the next few months. Please email her at:

We ask that you bring the item (s) along with you to London if it’s small and lightweight. If you have a larger item or aren’t planning on attending, email Rosie and we’ll make some alternate arrangements…thanks!

WE NEED VOLUNTEERS – anything from security, crowd control, transportation, registration, panel moderators or celebrity handlers, we have a purple sleeve just for you! We won’t know exactly what duties you’ll be helping out with until we all get there, so be prepared to be flexible. As a thank-you for your time you will receive one FREE celebrity autograph of your choosing. We will rotate shifts so everyone can still have fun and enjoy the weekend, too! Our friend Bob Mack will be coordinating. Please email him at

Just beware…..

…..there be dragons!!